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Projects Anchor Fest 2016 ⚓: Roadtrip
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A family that travels together, stays together.

A few weeks ago my Museache family took a weekend road trip down to Frederick, Maryland for the 2nd annual Anchor Fest. The lineup featured popular internet rappers Lil Uzi Vert, PlayboiCarti, and DMV locals such as Butch Dawson, JK the Reaper, just to name a few. Below you'll find my whole day experience of Anchor Fest. If you're hungry for more photos, you can devour our family recap of the entire day.

Location: Somewhere in Maryland

Local time: 10:53 AM

I was nervous and excited after getting out the shower of our Airbnb for the weekend. It was the feeling performers get right before they step on stage: butterflies and excitement. I only knew one way to ease myself. Document. I grabbed my gear for the day and began going to work around the hous .

Location: Festival Fair Grounds

We arrived just in time as the crowd was locking their front row spots. Media badges around necks, we began digesting the festival grounds: Beach balls, water guns, Anchor ⚓ logos, and a lot good vibrations. 

Once the sun sets...